Key Words:
Process Capability, Statistical Process Control, Process sigma level, defects per million opportunities.

Key Words:

Suppliers Selection, Process Capability, Statistical Process control, Sigma Level of Process, Defect per Million of Opportunities, DMAIC


Topkaizen provides Performance Improvement Solutions. The table below describes my professional expertise. 

NOTE: Customized services are available to meet your unique needs

Topkaizen Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Organizational Assessment

Note: A Process Diagnosis:
- What are the Problems?
- Where should the Organization start from to solve them?
  • Audits based on ISO 19011 (ISO 9001, ISO 29001, ISO 22000, and ISO 14001)
  • Experienced in Integrated Management System (ISO Guide 72 & BSI PAS 99), and OHSAS 18001
  • Audits based on World Class Performance Models (Canadian National Quality Institute (NQI), Baldridge Award Model-USA, EFQM-European Union)
  • Action Plan for improvement, and Diagnosis Report
  • Design of custom satisfaction questionnaires (ISO/CD TS 10004)
  • Social Responsibility integration (ISO 26000)

Strategic Planning

Note 1: Also called Hoshin Canri, Strategic Planning, Policy Deployment

Note 2: Using a bottom-up approach

Our Product !
ASQ, American Society for Quality

  • Design of Mission & Vision Statement.
  • Design of Strategic Objectives, policy deployment, Critical Success Factors (CSF), Key Performance Indicators (KPI scorecard), and metric targets
  • Process Management & Modeling 
    • As-is / Should-be Diagrams, 
    • Elimination of Non-Value Added Activities,
    • Identification of key metrics for each process
    • Identifying their cross-functional relationships, allowing the alignment of those processes with the organization’s Strategy and its Policy Deployment)
  • Implementation of a Performance Management system (KPI, Internal Audits, etc)
  • Design of a Knowledge Management System (From Job Description to Lesson Learned)
  • Excel/software application to monitor the KPI's Trends.
  • Implementation of a Continual improvement Approach.
  • Assisting with implementation, Training.
  • Evaluation & Final Report
  • AXISa software that monitors KPI trends, (at the Gemba(Work place), the place to go for improvement) and predict future performance (using Individual Control charts) on almost any kind of Industry (From Big Companies to Small size business; on Engineering Construction business, a project-based industry. It also can be used in a manufacturing or business process (in Projects, Processes, Departments, or a business unit). With Axis, the performance information gathered is analyzed, obtaining an Individual Control Chart, a compliance chart, sigma level and Cpk index, and finally an overall performance index integrated in a Radar Chart. 
  • Excellent results on Universities, Students in programs where studying Application of Quality Principles, real life examples is essential.

  • See a video of AXIS interface    

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Business Analyst

Note: Using a: Top - Down / Button - Up approach
  • Process Identification, Core Processes, 'As-is' Diagrams
  • Identification of Non-Value Added Activities
  • Design of Professional Decision Flow Diagrams, using Microsoft Visio.
  • Identification of Key metrics for each Process.
  • Cross-functional relationships, allowing the alignment of those processes with the organization’s Strategy and its Policy Deployment
  • Improvement Action Plan, including Should-be diagrams.
  • Create or update the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Documentation, Standard Operating Procedures (See current Documentation cost in the market)
  • Change Management tools to anticipate, understand and overcome resistance (Process modelling, stakeholder mapping, building relationships, workshopping of solutions, Communication actions)
  • Job Description
Statistic Software Analysis
  • Analysis of performance data (KPI Control Charts, trends) and preparation of management review reports:
  • Microsoft Excel, Access
  • Training in the use of these Software
  • Discrete Process Simulation (Before /After changes)
Corporate Identity & Website Design
English-Spanish Translation Services
  • Operating manufacturing facilities in Mexico or other Spanish-speaking countries?
  • Need your ISO Quality Management or Environmental Management System documentation in Spanish?
  • Need to use bi-lingual ISO 9001 / 14001 / OHSAS 18001 manuals?
  • Need to translate Spanish Documents into English?

I have more than 10 years of experience as a Translator/ interpreter

Phases of the Consulting Process


  • First contact with clients
  • Preliminary problem diagnosis
  • Assignment planning
  • Assignment proposals to client
  • Consulting contract
  • Purpose analysis
  • Problem analysis
  • Fact finding
  • Fact analysis and synthesis
  • Feedback to client
Action Planning
  • Developing solutions
  • Evaluating alternatives
  • Proposals to client
  • Planning for implementation
  • Assisting with implementation
  • Adjusting proposals
  • Training
  • Evaluation
  • Final Report
  • Settling commitments
  • Plans for follow-up
  • Withdrawal

Source: Extracted from the book "Management Consulting: A Guide to the Profession (4th Edition. Copyright © International Labour Organisation 2002.

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